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Story About Safia who converted to Islam


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Safia shares a story about her converting to Islam. She converted to Islam soon after her 17th birthday. She said that ever since she converted she has learned a lot about Islam.

The Story About Safia who converted to Islam

Safia came across news about terror attacks and it stated that it was Islam’s fault. Safia was confused and thought who is Islam? Safia did not know anything about Islam and Christianity. Her parents did not teach her anything related to religion. She has four brothers and her mother sometimes reads the Bible.

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Safia developed hatred towards Islam after seeing the incident reported by the news channels. Her friends hated Islam too so both of them started to make fun of Islam.

They changed their names to Yousef and Habiba and will act like husband and wife. Then they acted how Yousef will abuse Habiba if she shows her skin. The made fun of the headgear and posted pictures on Instagram wearing it.

She searched about Islam on the internet while she was having a wrong perception of religion. She then saw a nasheed named Allahu by Labbayk. She listened to the nasheed and loved it. She listened to another nasheed and kept on listening to many other nasheed’s.

She searched about Islam more and more. She then understood that Allah is the god and Mohammed (S.A.W) (P.B.U.H) is the last messenger and Allah has ordered people to pray 5 times a day.

Safia then stopped talking wrongly about the religion. She thought that she was loving Islam and her age was just 15. She then moved to another town.

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Meanwhile, she had a fight with her friend and she blocked her everywhere. After moving to another town she joined a new school where she was a girl wearing a hijab. Safia talked with her and then they exchanged numbers.

She then visited her house and became friends with her. She asked her about Islam and questioned her. The girl did not ask Safia if she was interested in religion. Safia then asked her if she can see Quran?,  she even asked her if she says Bismillah before eating.

As summer holidays approached Safia went to her home country. There she met her friend and talked about Islam. She listened to surah Fatiha and prayed on a small carpet.

At this time Safia was not even Muslim. She did not know about the direction, the way to perform salah yet she tried to perform it. She bought head scarfs and abaya and wore it without showing it to others. She then decided to wear it when she goes back to school. She wore a hijab when she went to school.

One day safia called her friend to meet her. They both met and walked to a river which was nearby. She then showed her friend an Aayat “There is no compulsion in religion”.

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After showing this Safia asked her friend that if she understood what she is trying to show? Her friend did not understand but after a few minutes, she said do you want to become a Muslim?

Safia said that she wanted to become a Muslim, then she started to cry and her friend started to cry as well. They searched about how a person should convert then they both raised their finger and read the Shahadah and then Safia became a Muslim. Her friend said that she hopes that they both will go to Jannah.


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