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Story of Shariffa Carlo who Converted to Islam


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Shariffa Carlo Converted to Islam. She shares about her revert story. She said that she made many plans, but then Allah made plans and Allah (S.W.T) is the best of planners.

Story of Shariffa Carlo who Converted to Islam

The story of Shariffa Carlo who Converted to Islam

When Shariffa Carlo was a teenager she said that she understood that there are people who have an agenda to destroy Islam. She said that such people use their positions in order to advance their cause.

One such person approached Shariffa and offered her a job. He said that she will get a job at the American embassy in Egypt if she studied International Relations in the Middle East.

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The person wanted Shariffa to go to the Middle East so that she could talk to women there and encourage the Women’s Rights Movement. Shariffa has seen many Muslim women who were being oppressed on TV. So she wanted to help those women.

She started to go to college and learned about the Quran and the Hadith. She then thought that what she was studying made sense but then she began to take classes in Christianity.

There she met a Christian Professor who believed that Jesus was Prophet. He then explained to her about the changes and historical events. Even after being explained, she did not believe in Islam.

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She studied for three years and then she often questioned Muslims regarding their beliefs. One Muslim brother saw that Shariffa was interested in learning about Islam.

One day there was a group me Muslims who were present in the town. The Muslim brother told Shariffa to meet them. She went to meet them and she was in a room where all the men were present. They give her some space to sit.

There was one Muslim brother who knew a lot about Christianity. Both of them discussed Islam and Christianity and then the man invited her to accept Islam.

While she was studying no one ever invited her to accept Islam.  She then realized that she should convert to Islam as she has learned and known about Islam.

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Then she took Shahadah and the Man led her to take Shahadah. She then felt relaxed when she took the Shahadah is if she was carrying weight for so long.

She said that Allah gave her new life and guided her to the right path. She wanted to follow Islam with Sincerity and wanted to die as a Muslim.


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