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A Big Russian Drone Attack Hits Kyiv, Ukraine


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Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, was hit by the biggest drone attack since the war with Russia started. Early on Saturday, over 70 drones made in Iran and used for attacks, called Shahed kamikaze drones, were aimed at the city. Ukraine’s air force shot down most of these drones, but the attack still hurt five people and damaged many buildings. This attack happened on the same day Ukraine remembers a sad time called the Holodomor famine.

Drone Attack Hits Kyiv

Key Points:

  • Biggest drone attack in Kyiv happened on Saturday.
  • Over 70 Shahed drones used in the attack; Ukraine’s air force shot down most.
  • Five people got hurt, including a girl who is 11 years old.
  • The attack damaged lots of buildings in Kyiv, like a place for kids.
  • The attack was on the same day Ukraine remembers the Holodomor famine.

Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, went through a really big drone attack from Russia. This was the biggest attack like this during their current problems with Russia. It happened early Saturday morning. The city got hit by over 70 Shahed drones. These drones are made in Iran and are used to attack.

Ukraine’s air force was able to shoot down 71 of these drones and one missile. But they still caused a lot of damage and hurt people.

This attack ended up hurting five people, including a young girl, and it broke a lot of stuff in the city, like a place where kids go. The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, was really upset about this, especially because it happened on a very sad day for Ukraine.

This day is when they remember the Holodomor famine, a time when many people in Ukraine didn’t have enough food and died.

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A lot of countries think that the Holodomor was a really bad thing done on purpose to the people in Ukraine by the Soviet Union, which used to rule Ukraine. This sad part of history is being compared to what’s happening now with Russia invading Ukraine.

It’s not totally clear why Russia did this drone attack, but some people think they might be trying to break Ukraine’s power systems. Because of the attack, about 200 buildings in Kyiv, including 77 where people live, lost electricity.

This attack shows that the fighting is getting worse, and Russia is using more advanced ways to attack from the air. Things are still very tense in Kyiv, with a lot of problems for people living there and for the buildings and other things in the city.


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