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41 Workers Rescued from Tunnel in India After 17 Days


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In Uttarakhand, India, 41 workers were rescued after being stuck in a collapsed tunnel for 17 days. The rescue was difficult due to machine problems but was successful. The workers are healthy and were welcomed with cheers.

Tunnel rescue

Key Points:

  • 41 workers were trapped for 17 days in a tunnel in Uttarakhand, India.
  • The rescue needed drilling through hard materials.
  • All workers are okay and walked out by themselves.
  • Each worker will get 100,000 rupees as a reward.
  • The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, praised the rescue.

In Uttarakhand, India, 41 workers trapped inside a tunnel for 17 days were finally saved. The rescue operation was tough because their drilling machine broke, so they had to finish the last part by hand.

Local official Dhami said the workers were all okay. Doctors checked them, and they were all fine. The workers were strong and came out of the tunnel themselves, even though there were stretchers for them.

Each worker will get 100,000 rupees (around $1,200) for what they went through. They will also get some time off to relax with their families.

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, talked about how brave the workers were and thanked everyone who helped in the rescue on social media.

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The tunnel where they were trapped is part of a big project to improve roads. It fell apart on November 12. The workers had food, water, and air sent to them through a pipe while they were stuck. There were also doctors there to make sure they stayed healthy.

The plan to save the workers was supposed to be simple but took longer because of some problems. In the end, everyone worked together and they were able to rescue the workers, which was a big success.


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