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Muslim Man stabbed outside Toronto Mosque, Dead


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Muslim Man stabbed outside Toronto Mosque, Dead

Muslim groups in Canada demands investigation of a Murder where a Man was stabbed outside a mosque in Toronto. The incident has shocked everyone in that community.

  • Mohamed Aslam Zafis has been killed in Toronto.
  • He was stabbed in front of the Mosque.
  • Muslim groups demand investigation of the murder.

Muslim Man stabbed outside Mosque Toronto, Canada

Mohammed Aslim Zafis who is 58 years old has been stabbed On 12th September. The incident took place outside a Toronto Mosque.

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The Muslim advocacy group demanded an investigation of the incident which took place on 12th September. People demanded investigation is the incident looked hate-motivated and the city police declared that they arrested someone. Aslim Zafis Used to volunteer that the Congregants are following the safety rules set for COVID-19.

In a phone Interview, NCCM’s CEO Mustafa Farooq told Al Jazeera that Aslim was murdered in the parking lot of the Mosque and want the Toronto police service to investigate the murder as hate-motivated.

On Friday the Toronto Police have issued a statement about the arrest that they have made. A 34-year-old man named Guilherme William was charged with Murder.

Aslim Zafis was dead at the scene and the Man approached him when Aslim Zafis was sitting on a chair outside the Mosque. He stabbed Aslim Zafis once and Aslim Zafis was dead. It was declared that there was no motive behind the Murder.

Recently the windows of the downtown Mosque were broken for At least three times in a row. There are many such incidents that are taking place, and the Murder happened when the Muslim community raised questions about the attacks which were happening for the past few weeks.

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People said that it was hate Motivated and the incident has shocked the entire community. Moreover, the Mosque is a safe place, and a place where there are love and light said, Farooq.

The recent attack on Aslim Zafis has been an attack that affected the entire neighborhood. Aslim Zafis’s funeral was held and hundreds of people attended his funeral.


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