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Muslim Man’s Hand Cut Off When Attackers Saw ‘786’ Tattooed on His Arm


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A horrific incident took place in Haryana where a Muslim Man’s hand was chopped off as his right hand was tattooed with 786. The Attackers chopped off his hand with a Chainsaw.

Muslim Man’s Hand Cut Off When Attackers Saw ‘786’ Tattooed on His Arm
  • Akhlaq had 786 tattooed on his right hand.
  • His right hand was chopped off by attackers when they saw 786 tattooed on his hand.
  • His right hand was cut off with a Chainsaw.

A 28-year-old Muslim Man’s Right hand was Chopped off as it was tattooed 786

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A 28 year old Muslim named Akhlaq from Haryana has been assaulted. His right hand was cut off by attackers. The reason for their attack was the 786 tattoo which Akhlaq tattooed on his right hand. The incident took place on 24th August but Akhlaq’s family filed an FIR on 7th September.

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Akhlaq is a barber who is from Nanauta but he came to Panipat to find work. When he went to his town few people asked him about his name and when they got to know about him they started to beat him and he was badly injured.

He was lying on the road but when Akhlaq woke he went to a house and knocked on the door to ask people for their help. But when he knocked on the door the people there asked him to get inside and as soon as he went inside they started to beat him with sticks.

Akhlaq got to know that these people were the same who beat him first. They saw 786 tattoo on Akhlaq’s hand and said that they won’t let the tattoo written on his hand and they chopped off his right hand with chainsaw.

Akhlaq then woke up at the tracks of the Railway Station. The people took him to Railway Station and dumped him there so that others think it as an accident.


When Akhlaq woke up he asked a man who was passing from there to help him. The man informed his family about what happened with Akhlaq. A Panipat Officer said that Akhlaq tried to escape after he Sodomised a child.

The communal hatred angle was also cleared stating that what Akhlaq said is wrong. Akhlaq is now recovering at his house. After his family has filed FIR the Islamophobic act was denied which was being circulated on social media. Many people on social media shared about the incident which took place and shared a picture of Akhlaq.


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