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Ceasefire in Gaza: 24 Hostages Released


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A ceasefire between Israel and Hamas has started in Gaza, bringing a temporary stop to the seven-week conflict. On the first day of this truce, Hamas released 24 hostages, including Israeli women, children, and Thai workers. This release is part of a larger deal involving prisoner exchanges and the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza.

Hostages Released

Key Points:

  • The ceasefire started on Friday in Gaza, halting the conflict for now.
  • Hamas released 24 hostages, including Israelis, Thais, and a Filipino.
  • The released hostages were handed over to Egyptian authorities at the Rafah border.
  • As part of the deal, 39 Palestinian women and children were released from Israeli jails.
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emphasized the commitment to bringing back all hostages.

The first day of the ceasefire in Gaza saw Hamas releasing 24 hostages. These included 13 Israelis, some with dual nationality, 10 Thai workers, and a Filipino. The hostages were safely transferred to Egyptian authorities at the Rafah border crossing.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed the hostages’ return. He reassured the public of the government’s commitment to bringing back all Israeli hostages. Among the released were four children, four family members, and five elderly women.

In return, Israel released 39 Palestinian prisoners, consisting of women and teenagers. This exchange is part of the ceasefire terms, aiming to de-escalate the ongoing conflict.

The ceasefire marks the first significant pause in the seven-week war. It brings some relief to the 2.3 million Palestinians in Gaza, who have suffered under intensive bombardment, and the Israeli families worried about their loved ones held captive.

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Despite the ceasefire, tension remains. Shortly after the truce began, an alert was sounded in Israel for a possible incoming rocket from Gaza. This underscores the ceasefire’s fragile nature and the ongoing challenges in achieving lasting peace.

The ceasefire is initially set to last four or five days. Under the agreement, Hamas is expected to release more Israeli hostages, while Israel will release additional Palestinian prisoners and allow humanitarian aid into Gaza. This deal raises hopes for a more sustainable truce, but the future remains uncertain.


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