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A School in Gaza Hit by Israel’s Airstrike Amidst Ceasefire Talks


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An airstrike has struck a school in Gaza that was being used as a shelter, killing at least 15 people. This happened as the US Secretary of State was meeting with leaders in the region to try and stop the conflict.

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Key Points:

  • A United Nations school in Gaza was hit by an airstrike.
  • At least 15 people died, and many were hurt.
  • The school was being used as a place for people to stay safe.
  • Officials are worried that more people might have died in the area.
  • There have been meetings to try and stop the fighting.

News in Detail: Over in Gaza, a really sad thing happened at a school that the United Nations was running. This school was a place where people were staying because it was supposed to be safe. But early in the morning, a bomb hit the school, and now at least 15 people have died. Many others got hurt too.

This happened in a place called Jabalia, and lots of people were living there because their homes were destroyed. A young boy told reporters that he saw the bombing and had to carry bodies. People are very upset and scared.

The people who work for the United Nations said yes, it was their school that got hit. They also said that some children were among those who got hurt or died. They’re still trying to find out exactly how many people are hurt.

There’s been a lot of damage in Gaza because of the bombings. Houses, roads, and even hospitals have been hit. In fact, another bomb hit right at the door of a children’s hospital, and two women died there.

All of this is happening while important leaders from different countries are trying to get the fighting to stop. The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, was talking to leaders in nearby countries about how to make peace. But so far, the fighting hasn’t stopped, and lots of people are getting hurt.

In Gaza, they’re telling people they should move to a safer place in the south. But it’s hard for them to leave because the roads are blocked, and there are tanks around.

Officials from places like Qatar are trying to help by talking about how to make the fighting stop and help people who are trapped.

The fighting got really bad when a group attacked Israel on October 7, and since then, Israel has been bombing Gaza a lot. The people living there are having a very hard time because they don’t have enough water, electricity, or safe places to stay. The United Nations says a million people had to leave their homes.

In Australia, lots of people are saying they want the fighting to stop too. They’re having rallies and saying things like “Not in my name” and “Cease fire now.”

Leaders from all over the world are watching and trying to help, but it’s a very difficult and sad situation.


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