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Man who bashed a heavily pregnant Muslim woman last year at a Sydney cafe gets 3-year jail


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Pregnant Muslim woman was bashed in Sydney. The man who bashed the woman was jailed for two years. The women and her husband fear that the person might hurt others when he will be released. The person has been removed from the hearing in court as he disturbed the court with a racist outburst.

Man who bashed a heavily pregnant Muslim woman last year at a Sydney cafe gets 3year jail
  • Rana Elasmar has been bashed by a man in a café.
  • She was pregnant and a man bashed her.
  • The man was jailed for two years.

Man jailed for two years for bashing Pregnant Muslim woman

Pregnant Muslim women named Rana Elasmar was bashed in a café in Sydney. The man has bashed her and attacked her. The man has been jailed for two years.

When there was a hearing in the court the man disturbed the court and there were a racial outburst and Rana and her husband fear that the person when he gets released from the jail might hurt others.

The man is still showing aggressive behavior and short temper said Rana Elasmar outside Parramatta district court. Rana Elasmar’s husband Azzam Elasmar said that after two years when the man will be on the streets then everyone will be at risk.

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When the incident took place Rana was 38 weeks pregnant. The man approached Rana and punched her several times and then stomped on Rana’s head. Rana is a mother of four children.

When the man was punching her face she turned her abdomen to protect her child which was in her womb. She prayed to god to protect her child and feared that anything might have happened to the child.

The man approached her by asking her money and then he said that You Muslims raped my mum. He was then called for hearing but was muted as he was repeating racial remarks.

He was muted as he appeared via video link. Rana was hit for at least 14 times and she and her child survived. The judge said that the victim was terrified. Rana’s son Zayn is healthy despite the incident.

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Rana said that the Australian public is supportive and she gets the confidence to walk out. She said that Islam is not something to be feared about.


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