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Afghanistan landmine blast killed 15


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15 people have been reported to be killed in a landmine blast which took place in Afghanistan on Tuesday. The incident took place in Afghanistan’s central Daikundi province. 15 civilians included children were killed.

Afghanistan landmine blast killed 15
  • A landmine blast that happened in Afghanistan kills 15 people including children.
  • 15 people who have dead included 7 women and 5 children.
  • The bomb was planted to target a bus that was carrying Civilians in a village.

15 people killed in a landmine blast in Afghanistan

On Tuesday there was a landmine blast that killed 15 civilians in Afghanistan. Out of the 15 people killed 7 were women and 5 were children. The blast took place in Afghanistan’s Central Daikundi province said the officials.

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The spokesperson for the provincial governor Nasrullah Ghori said that the incident took place in a district called Kijran when a bus hit a landmine. The bomb targeted civilians as per the statement given by Afghan Interior Affairs ministry.

The interior ministry of Afghanistan has issued a statement that the Taliban are to be blamed for planting the device. When the intra-afghan talks began 19 civilians have been killed and many were injured in the clashes which took place between the parties said the Afghanistan Independent Human rights commission.

In a speech given at UN General Assembly by President Ashraf Ghani said that the Afghan people have a clear and urgent priority. He even said that there is an urgent need for the violence to end and this will lead to progress.

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15 civilians have been killed in the blast which included many children. The Dasht-e-Sulaiman village civilians were targeted said the reports.

There has been violence that was flared across Afghanistan when talks about the landmark intro-afghan began in the Qatari capital Doha on 12th September. Their people were also injured apart from the 15 people killed in the blast.


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