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Netherland Hijab Ban Led to many attacks on MUSLIM Women


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Netherland Hijab Ban Led to many attacks on MUSLIM Women

The Burkha Ban in the Netherlands has led to further attacks on Muslim women. The ban on face cover was implemented on the first August since last year. Women were also fined if they break the law.

  • Muslim women are being targeted even if they do not wear Burkha.
  • The law stating a ban on Muslims wearing Burkha and face cover has been implemented since August 1st last year.
  • A fine has been imposed on the one who breaks the law.

Burka Ban led to many attacks on MUSLIM Women

The Netherlands has imposed a ban on Muslims wearing Burkha. A fine of €150 is also being imposed on those who break the law. Soon After there was a ban on Burkha there were abuses against Muslims.

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The Islamophobia foundation has said in the parliament to remove the ban on face cover in public places and In schools and hospitals.

As per the estimates, there are only 400 women in the Netherlands who cover their faces and since 1st August last year, there was a ban on Burkha and face veil along with a fine for those who break the law.

Many Muslim women said that they have a target of hate comments and Islamophobia after the law was imposed. They said that they are being targeted in shops and when they are in the playground.

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Along with this, there were posts on social media that state how a person can complain about those who break the law or can report about such people.

Many children have seen how their mothers had to experience abuse from others and how their mothers took all the abuses when they just covered their faces.

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It is being with this law has increased the problems for Muslim women instead of solving them. A petition has been started to remove the ban imposed. As per the reports, the cabinet will evaluate the law in the year 2022.


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