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Tommy Hilfiger, accept modesty with launch of first hijab


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Tommy Hilfiger, accept modesty with launch of first hijab

Tommy Hilfiger has recently launched it’s first hijab Collection and has set an example of diversity in the industry. Soon after the Dolce and Gabbana’s Abaya collection in the year 2016 Hilfiger too has launched its new collection.

  • Tommy Hilfiger launches its first hijab collection.
  • The hijab has the letters “TH”, which is crafted on all the garments.
  • Many fashion brands are coming forward to create more diverse collections.

Tommy Hilfiger launches its first hijab Collection

Tommy Hilfiger has recently unveiled its Hijab Collection. Tommy Hilfiger is an American designer and a fashion label. The American designer label has set an example of diversity and inclusion.

The letters “TH” is being crafted on all the garments. The letters are crafted from Jacquard fabric and are in Ivory grey. The brand has first dressed Halima Aden a model in Burkini for sport.

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Recently the fashion industry has seen modest fashion. In the year 2016 Dolce and Gabbana’s abaya collection was released and is a trendsetter in the fashion industry.

In the New York Fashion Week Anniesa Hasibuan held in the year, 2016 showed all the models wearing the hijab. Other labels such as DKNY and Mango released Ramadan Collection.

The fashion industry was criticized for not being more diverse and for racism. Many brands are now coming forward showing more diversity and inclusion.

As per the Grand View Research, the Islamic fashion industry will be worth $88 Billion till the year 2025. As per the needs of the consumers, the fashion industry will try to address the needs.

As per research, it is shown that the consumers are not concerned with fitting in and are more concerned about the choices which will reflect their values.

El-Yacoubi who is the founder of Modest fashion brand Named PFH said that we are experiencing a cultural shift and further stated that even though there is more modest fashion being witnessed, Islamophobia has always high in America. Krista Corrigan who is from the retail Market intelligence said that many retailers are now keeping their focus on Inclusion.

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The executive editor of the fashion industry Arthur Zaczkiewicz said that modest fashion is how people live and it’s not about the trend.

In the month of July, many countries have banned Hijab/Burqas such as Germany, Sri Lanka, Denmark, and many countries that have banned Muslim Dress like Belgium, Bulgaria, Latvia, Austria. But there are many places where modest fashion is given more importance because it is what the consumers are demanding.


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