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Facebook faces backlash over Anti-Muslim hate speech


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Facebook faces backlash over Anti-Muslim hate speech

Facebook faces backlash after users blame it for its role in spreading Anti Muslim hate speech in India. It is said that Facebook is helping in spreading hate against Muslims.

  • Facebook grilled for spreading anti-hate speech against Muslims.
  • It is said that Facebook’s rumored political bias in India has come under inquiry.
  • People claim that Facebook has been playing a role in spreading hate against Muslims.

Facebook faces backlash over Anti-Muslim hate speech in India

Facebook has been blamed for spreading Hatred against Muslims in India. It is being said that Facebook’s top policy official Ankhi Das has prevented the removal of posts that spread hate speech against Muslims and has prevented removal of posts by politicians from the BJP against Muslims.

Facebook should answer questions at the parliament said Pawan Khera who is from the opposition party, Congress. He further said that Facebook has ignored the hate speech and the BJP agenda has grown very fast on Facebook.

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Facebook has been associated with the Indian government along with the board of education and the ministry of women. Facebook has a partnership with ECI which is the Election commission of India.

When the elections were held in the year 2019 it was said that it has taken down 687 pages which were linked with the Congress part and only a few pages were taken down which was linked with BJP, when unauthentic behavior was concerned.

The campaign group named Rise above hate member named Nadir Husain said that Facebook has not taken down hate speech posts and the anti-Muslim hate campaign was able to spread with the help of Facebook.

There are pages on Facebook named Corona Jihad stating that it was Muslims who spread Coronavirus in India. Another page named as Love jihad which state that Muslims marry Hindu women so that they can force them to convert their religion.

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The state bureau Chief of TV Channel Swarajya Express Awesh Tiwari said that he was blocked from his own page while he appeared to live during the new citizenship law protest was going on in December and Facebook has claimed that they did not impose any restrictions.

He even said that when people abused him and threatened him Facebook did not remove any of those posts even when he reported those comments and posts many times.

Recently in Bangalore, there was a hate-filled post against Muslims which was taken down by Facebook only after threw people who died while protesting. There are many such posts that spread hatred against Muslims but Facebook has not taken them down.


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