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UP: Homes On Street Painted Saffron In UP, Case Filed, BJP Minister.


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In UP homes are painted in Saffron color. FIR has been filed by Businessman whose home was painted, Saffron. The people there said that despite them objecting the group continued to paint their houses. The people who painted the houses abused and threatened others.

  • A Group of people painted the houses saffron in UP.
  • FIR has been filed against these people.
  • They painted the house despite objection from the owner.

Homes are painted Saffron in UP.

Prayagraj City: a businessman who stays in Uttar Pradesh city e named Prayagraj has complained against a group of people in the police station who has painted his house with saffron color and FIR has been filed against them. The owner of the house tried to stop the people from doing so but they threatened him and abused him.

The city is the same where the minister of UP Nand Gopal Nandi resides and another resident has filed FIR claiming that it was the Minister who sent the man to paint the houses.

After the FIR was filed against the Minister, he said that this rumor is needless and there is development work going on.

The houses were painted using Saffron color and religious symbols were painted on the walls of the houses the same video has been recorded by the person where it can be seen that many houses have been painted by Saffron color and a group of people was seen spring on the walls.

When one person requested a group of people to stop spraying the paint they did not stop. The group of people spreads color on the people who were standing in the balcony watching them and who recorded their Videos.

Kamal Kumar Kesarwani has been accused of being involved. Ravi Gupta the owner of the house said that being a citizen it is his right to live in peace and he does not want his house to get painted but despite stopping those people they did not listen to him.

Mr. Gupta filed a complaint against these people, he even said that it is his house and no one should paint his house without his permission.

The Minister said that it is development work and saffron is not the only color but other colors can also be seen on the walls. Not just one house many houses what painted saffron as it can be seen in a video shared by the people who are staying there.


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