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Pregnant UP Woman Died in Ambulance After Searching For Hospitals For 13 Hours.


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Pregnant UP women died in Ambulance after searching for hospitals who can admit her. After searching for 13 hours she died in an Ambulance. As per reports, all the hospitals refused to admit her to their hospital. Recently a similar case from another state was reported, where a pregnant woman died as the hospitals refused to admit her.

Pregnant UP Woman Died in Ambulance After Searching For Hospitals For 13 Hours.
  • A pregnant woman from UP died in Ambulance.
  • The hospitals refused to admit her, as reported by her husband.
  • They searched for 13 hours for a hospital that can admit the Pregnant women but the women died in the Ambulance.

Pregnant Uttar Pradesh Women Dies in Ambulance.

A pregnant woman from UP who was 8 months pregnant died in an Ambulance while searching for a hospital that will possibly treat her.

IndiaToday Report

As per the reports, 8 government and private hospitals did not admit her. Her husband said that all the hospitals refused to admit his wife and he went to different hospitals in Noida.

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Her husband further said that the hospitals refused them saying that they do not have beds and they cannot treat her.

As per the reports, the woman is Neelam who is of 30 years of age. She died in an Ambulance as she was refused by 8 hospitals.

She died outside a health facility in an Ambulance. She was taken to a hospital named Fortis and her condition was critical.

The hospital’s ICU room was not available but she was given oxygen while she was in the waiting area. The doctors Advised her husband to transfer her immediately to another hospital.

Neelam was taken to another hospital named Sharda in a private Ambulance. They were waiting for a response from the hospital and waited for 10 hours but did not get any response.

She was taken to the Government Institute of Medical Sciences and was declared dead. Her husband is not in a state to talk after this incident.

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Neelam’s brother said that they want justice as his sister died waiting for hospitals to address her. The baby and the mother died while the hospitals said that they were overburdened with patients.

The National Human Rights Commission has issued a notice after this incident. The notice was issued to Uttar Pradesh Government regarding the death of the mother and the Child.

Another similar case from another state was reported. The hospitals refused to admit the pregnant women with the fear of Coronavirus and the women died in an Ambulance.


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