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Video Call NIKAH: Coronavirus Forced Bihar Muslim Couple To Get Married Via Video Call.


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Due to Coronavirus, Couple got married in Bihar in a Unique style via Video call. As people cannot gather due to the virus outbreak the couple decided to get married in a way where there won’t be any public gathering. The video of their Nikah has been shared on social media.

Video Call NIKAH: Coronavirus Forced Bihar Muslim Couple To Get Married Via Video Call.
Couple Getting Married Via Video Call. Photo: Twitter/ANI
  • Muslim couples got married via video call.
  • They could not get married due to the virus outbreak.
  • As gatherings are not allowed they adopted this method of getting married.

Muslim couple from Patna, Bihar got married through a video call. The video of the couple getting married through video calls has been shared on social media.

People had planned many events but due to Coronavirus to they could not celebrate it.

The video showed how the bride and her family were sitting in a room and the groom was in his home, they were able to see each other through video call and the Nikah took place.

Also:- Mother of 3 British Muslim Nurse Died Treating Coronavirus Patients.

The bride and the groom got married this way and the people congratulated each other through video calls.

The bride and the groom then see each other for the first time through the video call after getting married. Many people have been following the same.

A couple in New York got married on the street and people cheered for them from their houses due to the virus.

Another couple from Singapore married via video call as they came back from China and public gathering was not allowed.

Countries around the world have been Lockdown due to Coronavirus and people had delayed their Marriages and other events as they cannot take the risk but some people found the solution for this to avoiding gathering. This is definitely a unique way to get married as well as follow the orders.



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