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COVID-19: Saudi Arabia Asks People, Delay Hajj Booking this year 2020, Due to the spread of COVID-19.


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Hajj pilgrimage which takes place every year is uncertain this year due to Coronavirus. Saudi Arabia has asked people who wish to perform Hajj this year to delay their bookings as they are not sure about the condition of people in the future.

Saudi Arabia Asks People, Wait Before You Make Any Planning For The Hajj Pilgrimage this year 2020, Due to the spread of COVID-19.
  • Saudi Arabia asks people to wait before they start booking for the Hajj pilgrimage this year.
  • The Kingdom is taking measures to make sure that people and the pilgrims remain safe.
  • More than 2 million people have been estimated to perform Hajj this year.

Saudi Arabia has taken measures to fight against Coronavirus. Muslims are concerned whether there will be a Hajj Pilgrimage this year or not.

Looking at the present conditions Saudi Arabia has ordered people to delay their booking for Hajj.

Also:- Saudi Arabia Extends Lockdown For 24 hours To Stop The Spread Of Coronavirus.

Mohammed Banten who is Hajj Minister said that people should wait as the kingdom is concerned about pilgrims and their safety.

Hajj must be performed At least once in a lifetime.  It was reported that more than 2 million people were about to travel to Mecca to perform hajj.

The gates of the Holy Mosques have already been closed and a 24 hours curfew has been imposed. Umrah was suspended and people were not allowed to enter the Mataf area.

The hajj Minister said that people should wait and not contact the tour operator as the circumstances are not clear and wait until it is cleared.

Also:- Saudi Arabia Government Decided to Reopen The Makkah Mataf Area For A Handful Of Worshippers.

The people who offered Umrah earlier or who came from other countries are asked to quarantine themselves and stay where they are, they even said that they are checking the hotels.

Recently a 24 hours Lockdown was imposed in both the holy cities and the area where industrial workers are more has been Lockdown.

Only one person is allowed to travel if there is a need to buy food and medicine. Saudi Arabia’s king said that the treatment for Coronavirus patients will be free. 

These measures are taken to ensure the safety of the people. The updates regarding the Hajj pilgrimage will be given ones the situation is under control and there is no risk.

Also:- Saudi Arabia: King Salman Extended Curfew To 21 Days, Coronavirus.

Recently the Mataf area was opened so that people do tawaf but they were not allowed to touch Kaaba. Only workers and cleaners are allowed to enter the mosques.

All the mosques around Saudi Arabia have been closed and people are praying in their houses. The country has even imposed fine on those who try to violate the rules.


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