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Saudi Arabia Government Decided to Reopen The Makkah Mataf Area For A Handful Of Worshippers.


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  • Saudi government decided to reopen the Kaaba for Tawaf.
  • Soon after it was opened many people performed the tawaf.
  • People offered special prayers so that Allah (S.W.T) eliminates the virus.
Saudi Arabia Government Decided to Reopen The Makkah Mataf Area For A Handful Of Worshippers.

On Tuesday Saudi Arabia has reopened the Mataf so that people can do tawaf. They allowed people to do tawaf with certain restrictions.

A structure was built in order to stop people from entering into the Mataf area but it was removed and people were allowed to enter the area but they were instructed not to touch the Kaaba.

The Saudi government has banned pilgrims to enter the holy mosques by closing the gates of the Mosques. They even banned the Friday prayers and instructed people to pray in their homes.

The Saudi government has taken these measures in order to avoid the spread of Coronavirus. Saudi Arabia’s King Salman said that the treatment will be free for people who are suffering from Coronavirus.

Saudi Arabia reported a total of 1700 Coronavirus cases and 8 people have been dead. Saudi king Salman imposed fine in those who will violate any rule and will be seen out of their houses.

They will be jailed if they violate the rules more than ones. All the schools, colleges and transportation has been closed except for the medical staff and other necessary staff members.

Ulema said that such restrictions regarding praying at home must not be imposed and people should be allowed to pray in mosques.

Saudi Arabia has banned all the pilgrims from entering into the holy mosques. The Umrah visas have been banned. There were dozens of people seen when they reopened the Mataf.

The people offered special prayers and asked Allah (S.W.T) to eliminate the Coronavirus. A 21 days Lockdown has been announced by King Salman so that the situation can be controlled.


  1. Alhamdulillah !!! Let’s beg Allah (SWT) to eradicate Covid-19 on earth before Remedan!يا Ψ§Ω„Ω„Ω‡!!!


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