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Saudi Arabia: King Salman Extended Curfew To 21 Days, Coronavirus.


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Saudi Arabia: King Salman Extended Curfew To 21 Days, Coronavirus.
  • King Salman imposed 21 days of Curfew in Saudi Arabia.
  • The Curfew is a measure to avoid the spread of Coronavirus.
  • The people of Saudi Arabia must strictly adhere to the order.

Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is a King and Custodian of Two Holy Mosques imposed Curfew for 3 weeks in Saudi Arabia.

This step is taken to avoid the spread of Coronavirus. It imposed Dusk to Dawn curfew from 7 PM to 6 AM.

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The curfew will start on 23rd March from 7 PM in the evening till 6 AM in the morning for 3 weeks. King Salman issued an order that the Ministry of Interior should take measures and everyone must Co-operate with the Ministry of Interior.

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Employers of the Public and private sectors as well as security, military, health and medical sector are excluded from the Curfew order, as their service is required.

For 3 weeks people are ordered to stay in their homes and do not leave their homes. Saudi Arabia has reported 511 cases of Coronavirus and a total of 1300 cases are reported in the Gulf region.

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Saudi Arabia has ordered several Measures to avoid the spread of the Virus.  It has shut down malls and restaurants, halted flights,  stopped Umrah and the entry of Pilgrims, suspended prayers in both the holy mosques as well as all the mosques across Saudi Arabia.

Additional Exclusions during curfew include Delivery services, Muezzins to give Adhan in Mosques. It is further ordered that those who violate the rules and come out of their houses during curfew will be fined 10,000 riyals and will be jailed if the break the law repeatedly.

There will be 11 hours curfew in Saudi Arabia every night. The new cases of Coronavirus are due to direct contact with the infected person.


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