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The 2 Holy Mosques Of Saudi Arabia RE-OPENS For Pilgrims.


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The two holy Mosques Makkah and Madina of Saudi Arabia are open again after being closed for sanitization, pilgrims can now perform Umrah.

The 2 Holy Mosques Of Saudi Arabia RE-OPENS For Pilgrims.
Holy Mosques Makkah and Madina

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Saudi Arabia closed the doors of two holy mosques for deep cleaning in order to prevent coronavirus. As the tawaf was stopped, the hall which was always seen crowded is now empty.

Muslims from all around the world express their sadness as the place is empty. Many expressed their opinions on social media that they never thought that they will witness this.

This video show Mataaf empty, this never happened before.

Many of them believe that it is a sign of Qayamah as it is stated in hadiths that When the final hour will approach, the hajj will be stopped and Tawaf will be halted which is being witnessed by everyone.

The Government of Saudi Arabia is doing its best to keep the virus away from holy places. There is still no report on when the government will allow people and foreigners to enter the holy city and perform umrah.

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Saudia Arabia banned even citizens from performing Umrah.

Saudi Arabia on Wednesday banned its citizens and residents to perform Umrah to avoid the spread of the virus. The confirmation about the gates being closed was given by famous Islamic speaker Dr.Yasir Qadhi.

As per the reports, Saudi Arabia opened the gates of the holy cities early morning on Friday, it was closed on Thursday for cleaning.

The pathway between Al-Safa and Al-Marwah and the courtyard around the Kaaba known as Mataf will remain closed. As per the authorities prayers inside the mosque will only be permitted.

Coronavirus has spread in Saudi Arabia too.

Saudi Arabia health Ministry reported three more cases of Coronavirus, and a total of five cases has been reported.

Along with the ban Saudi Arabia postponed Riyadh Travel Fair which is the largest travel and tourism exhibition in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Many visitors from different countries visit the exhibition and due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Saudi officials postponed it.

These measures taken by Saudi Arabia are considered the first in the decade as Saudi Arabia has previously taken steps to ensure the safety and security of the public.


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