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Paris Restaurant Denied Entry To This Group Of Hijabis


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Hotel Matignon in Paris refused entry to a group of Muslim women because among them there were two women wearing the hijab, even though they pre-booked tables.

Paris Restaurant Denied Entry To This Group Of Hijabis

Photo by Michael Browning on Unsplash

How did this incident take place?

A group of English and French women was turned away by a restaurant named Matignon in Paris. The group who already made a reservation in the restaurant was not allowed to enter as one of the group members was wearing Hijab.

One of the group members recorded a video sharing the incident that how the restaurant did not allow them to enter.

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Was this their first time visiting this restaurant?

She said that they had already visited this restaurant earlier but was not treated this way before. She addressed the staff of the restaurant as Racist.

She further stated that everyone in her group was wearing designer clothes and were well dressed and she said that the only reason they did not allow them to enter because one girl was wearing the Hijab.

She took it on twitter, which got her immense support and retweets.

Not just them there was another group where girls were wearing Hijab even they were not allowed to enter.

The next day the group protested against the racism, outside the Restaurant along with banners. Another incident where a visitor named Abdel Belala said that Matignon Restaurant did the same with him they discriminated against him due to his appearance.

People started low rating the restaurant on google reviews

He said that in 2019 when he visited this restaurant along with his friends he was not allowed to enter, he urged everyone to boycott this restaurant as it is racist and discriminates against people.

The women protested outside the restaurant along with banners said that in 2011 France was the first country to ban full-face veils in public and indicated a rise of discrimination and intolerance against all forms of Islamic dresses.

What does the restaurant have to say about the issue?

The restaurant said all the allegations are ‘Slanderous’ in an Instagram post which was later removed by them.

The video shared by the women has been widely shared online and referred to the restaurant as a beautiful gang of racist. Matignon has earlier been accused due to Racism and discrimination against Muslims and Arabs. 


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