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Uneducated Father Travels 12km For Daughter Education.


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Despite being illiterate this father dedicates his whole day for his daughter’s education. Mia Khan travels 12kms on school days to take his daughter to school and to get her back from there.

Swedish Committee for Afghanistan

Mia khan who is from Afghanistan travels 12 kilometers on his motorbike to take his daughters to school. He is uneducated yet he wants his daughters to be educated and want them to become a Doctor as there is no one from his village who is a Doctor.

The story was shared by the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan

The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan shared the story of Mia Khan. Mia said that it is his daily routine and said that “I am illiterate and live on daily wage, but my daughter’s education is very valuable”. He further said that it is his greatest desire to educate his daughters like his son.

Mia khan has 3 daughters who are studying in Nooraniya School, run by the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan. Two daughters are studying in 6th grade and one daughter is in 5th grade.

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The daughter is grateful to her father.

Mia khan’s daughter says to the committee that she is happy that she is studying and she is in 6th grade, she says she is happy her father and brother bring them to school on motorbike daily and then waits for them and takes them back to their home.

Even the Villagers of Afghanistan are showing interest in education, which is considered as a positive sign. The Swedish Committee posted about it on Facebook and people are appreciating the father and the brother for their efforts to educate their daughters and sisters.

Mia Khan is called Hero.

They called Mia Khan “Hero”. Mia khan helping his Daughters to get themselves Educated is a sign of hope and inspiration for others in a country where outside forces tried to stop girls from educating further became a hope for millions of other girls under the support of their Father.


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