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All Women Factory In Saudi Arabia


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All Women Factory In Saudi Arabia

The first factory in Saudi Arabia where women work is located in Al Ahsa where the entire factory is only run by women right from the top management, along with running machines in a factory.

  • Women in Saudi Arabia run a factory.
  • The first factory where women work involves packaging dates.
  • The women in the factory operate machines and for each set of work, there is a woman who handles it.

Women who run Saudi Arabian factory

The date packaging factory is run by women in Saudi Arabia. This is the first factory where women are working. The factory is fully run by the women and does not involve any other person. Right from the top management until the drivers all are women in this factory. This factory is located in Al Ahsa.

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The owner of the factory Abdul Hameed Ibn Zaid said that the factory is run by women and the factory is set up for packaging dates in Saudi Arabia.

The women in the factory include accountants, workers, Managers, nutrition specialist. The women even handle the machines in the factory all by themselves.

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A worker at the factory said that the women there were given the opportunity to work in the factory. The women shared how they are successful in doing the work.

She even stated that the women of Saudi Arabia can work in this field as well as any other field. A video showing how women were working in the factory.

It can be seen that the women have covered themselves and followed hijab though the entire factory is run by Women they still covered themselves by wearing the hijab.

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The video shows how women at the factory are handling the machines and how well they are working in an organized work. Saudi Arabia has been trying to bring change and made a decision to integrate women into the labor force.

The women are proving to the world that they can achieve anything with firm dedication and hard work. Their work is being appreciated by everyone. This gives strength to other women to work and achieve their goals.


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