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Saudi Arabia, Resuming Umrah Soon But For Limited Number of Pilgrims


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Saudi Arabia will soon resume Umrah with only a limited number of pilgrims. The pilgrims will be from the Kingdom only. The kingdom is now trying to ease restrictions.

Saudi Arabia, Resuming Umrah Soon But For Limited Number of Pilgrims
  • Saudi Arabia resumes Umrah.
  • The Umrah will be performed by those who are a part of the kingdom.
  • Restrictions on traveling have been eased by Saudi.

Umrah to be resumed soon for limited pilgrims

The local media reported that Umrah will resume shortly and the people who are a part of the kingdom will get a chance to perform Umrah.

Only a few people will be performing Umrah. This decision is a part of the Ministry of Interiors plan so that the restrictions on traveling will be eased.

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From 15h September the travel restrictions will be lifted partially. From January 1 2021 there will be no restrictions and there will be the complete lifting of the ban.

The ministry of Saudi Arabia stated that the citizens of Saudi Arabia along with those who have valid residency visas or permits can enter Saudi Arabia.

This will commence from 15th September and can only enter if they are not infected with Coronavirus. Depending upon the situation related to the pandemic the Umrah services will begin.

While performing Umrah the Pilgrims need to follow the rules and regulations set forth by the Ministry of Saudi Arabia. The pilgrims need to show a medical certificate that will state that the pilgrim is negative for Coronavirus. According to the sources the terms and conditions will be stated by the ministry and it is yet to be announced.

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Those who fulfill the stayed terms and conditions will be given a permit to perform Umrah. As per the sources, there will be a mobile application which was will be used to specify the date and time of the performance of the pilgrimage.

Dr. Hussein Al Sharif who is a member of the Hajj and Umrah Committee In Saudi Arabia, said that the Ministry has taken necessary measures while the hajj was performed, which was a success and the same rules and regulatory measures can be implemented for Umrah.


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