This Spanish Muslim Walked 9000kms in 5 months For Umrah.


Spanish Muslim whose journey began from Paris and ended in Makkah walked for 5 months to cover the distance of 9000km with just 5000 Euros to perform Umrah

This Spanish Muslim Walked 9000kms in 5 months For Umrah.

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According to the reports Spain has 1,919,141 Muslims out of 46,438,422 which is the total population of Spain and 1400 Mosques in the year 2016. 

Ishaq a Spanish Muslim decided to go on Pilgrimage to the Holy city of Mecca in order to perform Umrah. He started his journey from French Capital Paris.

From Paris to Makkah in 5 months

According to the reports, Ishaq walked more than 9000 Km from Paris to perform Umrah and started his journey five months ago.

He had 5000 Euros and decided that he will spend 10 Euros each day. He refused to take money from people during his journey.

Ishaq had to encounter many difficulties during his journey and it was not easy for him to walk all these months.

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Was it a smooth journey for him?

Due to the harsh weather conditions, he faced many problems and the challenge was when he had to cross the mountains and it was very difficult for him.

He even experienced numbness in his hands and feet due to the cold climate. The places or the route which he had followed during his journey is still not known.

Ishaq is not the only one who walked all the way to the Holy City to perform Umrah.

He had to cross 7 countries and 2 desserts to reach destination.

A Bosnian man started his journey from Bosnian Capital Sarajevo and walked across seven countries and two desserts, around 5650 Km to perform Hajj.

A 28-year-old Indonesian man started his journey from Indonesia to Mecca, walked 9000 km to perform Hajj.

He said that many people gave him food during his journey and said that it was his way of showing full submission to Allah. Many people from China and Russia made the journey to Mecca on cycles.


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