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Fastest-Growing And Worlds Largest Religion Islam By 2070


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Islam religion which is 1441 years old, is not just the fastest-growing but could also be the religion that’ll be accepted by most of the world’s population by 2070, according to reports.

Why Islam Is The World's Fastest-Growing Religion???

Why Islam Is The World’s Fastest-Growing Religion???

  • Reports claim that Islam will be the largest religion in the world by 2070.
  • The Muslim population will likely surpass Christian Population.
  • The number of Muslim’s expected to increase by 70%.
  • Islamophobia Led a Catholic Girl to Islam

Islam fastest-growing religion around the globe.

Islam is considered the fastest-growing religion in the world and reports state that Islam will be the largest religion in the world.

Google / Wikipedia

Christian Religion which is the largest religion at present will be replaced by Islam. According to the Pew Research Center in the Next Century, the Muslim population will equal the Christian Population by the year 2070.

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What are the estimations of Muslim growth?

Islam is the second-largest religion after Christianity in the world. But this can be changed in the future according to the reports. Islam might replace its position with Christianity by 2070.

It is estimated that Muslims will grow twice between  2015 to 2060. The Muslim population in 2015 was 1.8 Billion and is expected to reach 3 Billion by 2060 i.e., a 70% increase in the population.

Google / Wikipedia

There are many reasons for the growth of Islam, few such reasons are Muslims have more children compared to the other religions.

Muslim women.

Muslim women have an average of 2.9 children, followed by Christians with 2.6 children. Africa and the Middle East where there are more Muslim and Muslim countries are considered to observe the biggest population increase.

What do the reports say?

According to reports, In India Muslims are growing faster than the Hindu Population. Presently India has the largest Muslim Population and by 2050 it is estimated that Pakistan will have the Largest Muslim Population followed by India, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Bangladesh with 45% of the world’s Muslims.

Folk religions404,690,0005.9449,140,0004.844,450,000
Other religions58,150,0000.861,450,0000.73,300,000
World Total6,895,850,000100.09,307,190,000100.02,411,340,000

The world’s population is projected to grow by 32% in the coming decades till 2060-2070. The number of Muslims is expected to increase by 70% of the total population. Muslim population might increase from 1 billion in 2015 to 3 billion by 2060.

The growth of the Muslim population is also helped by the fact that Muslims have the youngest median age (24) when compared to other religion’s median age (32) as of 2015. Muslim median age is more than seven years younger than the other religions. It’s mainly down to birth and death rather than the conversions.

More than one-third of Muslims are in middle-East and Africa. According to reports Muslims are projected to grow faster than the other religions. Muslims in sub-Saharan Africa are mostly younger and have a higher fertility rate than other groups. Muslims are expected to grow allaround the world except Latin America and the Caribbean.

All around the world people are converting to Islam as they are finding Islam to be the true religion, Most Christians are accepting Islam as they find Islam has answers to all their questions.

Non-muslim are actually liking the way Muslims pray.

Many Non-Muslim are impressed by the way Muslims pray and go to Mosque daily and how they live their life.

Islam is the fastest-growing religion and people are showing interest as to why it is growing so fast and in this process even they convert to Islam.

Islam is the religion of Peace and people find peace and develop patience when they get to know more about the religion, these are considered as the various reasons for an increase in Muslim Population.


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