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Ambedkar on Islam: A Religion for Dalits.


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Ambedkar on Islam: Why did he believe the only Religion for Dalits is Islam, was it the caste system of the nation that saw Dalits as a lower class people.

Ambedkar on Islam: A Religion for Dalits.
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  • In 1935 B.R.Ambedkar renounce Hinduism.
  • The orthodox Hindus were Not affected.
  • In a conference, Ambedkar made a passionate Speech on “which path to salvation?”.

Religion and B.R.Ambedkar

A conference named “Mumbai province Mahar conference” was from May 30 to June 1, 1936. In this conference, Ambedkar gave a speech “Mukti kon path?” which means “which path to salvation?”.

He tried to explain why Dalits need to change their religion. Ambedkar divided Hindu scripture into 2 parts, One as the religion of Rules and the other as Religion of principles. He evaluated that “Hindus will never be prepared to destroy DharmaShastras” and he thought to renounce Hinduism.  

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Why Ambedkar stated that untouchables cannot live a respectful life within Hinduism?

Ambedkar stated that untouchables cannot live a respectful life within Hinduism and the only way to free themselves is to renounce Hinduism. According to Ambedkar Dalits did not have the 3 main strengths that every human needs to possess i.e., the strength of mind, wealth and numbers.

He believed that if Dalits depend upon their own strength then they need not run away from their sorrowful conditions.

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Why Ambedkar compared Dalits with Muslims?

Ambedkar compared Dalits with Muslims who were also considered as Minorities, said that Hindus could not treat a Muslim like they treat Dalits because they knew that a Muslim has the support of the entire Muslim community in India. Muslims from Kashmir to Kanyakumari would come in support of a Muslim if a Muslim is touched by a Hindu anywhere.

Ambedkar said that Hindus will humiliate Dalits because Dalits do not have such support or any such backing. He said that Dalits should think to add to their strength either by blending with other religions or either by converting to their religion.

Ambedkar finally says that conversion is necessary for Dalits to protect themselves from humiliation and He spoke about Islam since 1928 and said that “Islam appeared to be the religion of his choice”.


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