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Iraqi Islamic Resistance Claims Strike on Israeli Site in Eilat


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The Islamic Resistance in Iraq has announced a retaliatory attack on a target in Eilat, Israel, following recent Israeli airstrikes in Gaza. This development signifies an escalation as Iraqi forces join the response to Israeli actions in the Gaza Strip.

Gaza-Israel conflict

Key Points

  • The Islamic Resistance in Iraq has declared responsibility for attacking a location in Eilat.
  • This attack is said to be in retaliation for Israeli strikes in Gaza.
  • Earlier, the group claimed to target a site near the Dead Sea.
  • The Islamic Resistance is also focusing on U.S. forces in the region, alongside Israeli targets.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq has openly claimed an attack on a specific site in the city of Eilat, located in southern Israel. This action comes as a direct response to what the group calls “the Israeli occupation’s massacres in Gaza,” referring to recent Israeli airstrikes.

In a statement released on Friday morning, the group detailed their operations, saying they had targeted a location in Umm Al-Rashrash in Eilat. The group’s language underscored their intent to continue strikes against what they consider enemy positions.

Additionally, the Islamic Resistance disclosed a separate incident that took place on Thursday, involving the targeting of a coastal site by the Dead Sea, emphasizing their ongoing campaign in areas where American forces have a presence.

The nature of the targeted sites in these attacks remains undisclosed, but the statements suggest a significant escalation in the Iraqi group’s military activities. According to their messages, the Islamic Resistance appears to have entered a heightened phase of confrontation, with aims to challenge both U.S. forces stationed in Iraq and Israeli interests, spurred by the continuing conflict in the Gaza Strip.


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