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Islamic Nikah! How Muslims get married?


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Islamic Nikah! How Muslims get married?

So what actually is Islamic Nikah and how do muslims get married. Marriage is respect, kindness, love, and support for one another in Islam. According to Quran, a woman is made from the rib of a man, she is not created from his head as she is not above the man, nor she is created from his feet as she is not below him, she is created from the side of a man to support him, nearer to the heart as to be loved, near to his arm to be safeguarded.

Muslim Wedding (Islamic Nikah):

Muslim wedding is mostly arranged by the parents of the young ones. This is anyhow, not an Islamic requirement, but the parents urged to do their best to find a good life partner or life-mate for their children. Although divorce is allowed in Islam, the goal is to settle down with the life partner and is known that divorce is the thing God likes the least.

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 In Islam, it is prohibited for parents to force or push their children into marriage. Unfortunately, there have been many examples of forced marriage amongst Muslims, but public awareness and education about Islam are changing the problem. Although most weddings are planned with the permission of the couple.

Nature of muslim marriage(Islamic Nikah).

It must be a simple wedding ceremony(Nikah), where the bride doesn’t have to be present as she can send her two witnesses to fulfill the conditions and draw the agreement. It consists of readings from Quran and the bride and the groom are asked whether do you accept it? (Qubool Hai) three times with the two witnesses. The Imam is presented who completes the ceremony with a short sermon.

What is Mahr in Islamic Nikah?

According to Islamic law, it is a gift or amount given by the groom to the bride at the time of marriage. It is considered as the mark of respect to the bride and identification of her independence as even if the bride does not have any money or property of her own, she becomes the owner of that property or money.

If the woman later wanted the divorce and her husband is not willing to divorce her, she has to return the amount of Mahr and proceed with the Khula divorce. Normally, if the divorce takes place for usual reasons, the woman would keep the Mahr with her.

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A man has to take responsibility for his wife and the kids who are produced. He has to take care of his wife’s or wife’s needs, food, home, and clothing. Whereas a woman doesn’t have to spend her own income on her kids or husband and the husband doesn’t have the right to ask her the money or property. The woman can spend on her kids and her husband which is regarded as an act of charity (Sadaqah).

Types of marriages in Islam, as per Islamic law are stated below.(Islamic Nikah)

1.Sahih Nikah (Valid marriage):

The word “Sahih” is an Urdu word that means “Correct” or “Valid”. It is already described that Nikah denotes marriage. When all the basic necessities of a Muslim wedding are met, it is referred to as Sahih Nikah.  

2.Batil Nikah (Void marriage):

If a void agreement between a groom and a bride doesn’t meet the basic rules of Muslim marriage law it is considered to be a Void Marriage.

The situations in which a Muslim marriage is void are when a person marries the wife of another person whose marriage is still active.

Having more than four wives that is having fifth wife, marrying a non-Muslim.

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3.Fasid Nikah (Irregular marriage):

When two persons get married in the absence of two witnesses, due to lack of formalities or when the irregularities of a marriage can be rectified later that means when the irregularities are not permanent is known as Fasid Nikah.   

4.Muta Nikah:

It generally meant to be a “pleasure marriage” where a temporary agreement is made between two persons for a limited period of time. It is mostly practiced among the Shia sector of muslims and not by the other Muslims, instead it’s cosidered a Sin. No witnesses are required for this kind of marriage.

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What are the Rights of spouses over each other in Islamic nikah? What are the rights and obligations of husband and wife?

Rights of Wife over her Husband (Islamic Nikah)

1.Financial Rights:

(A) Mahr: This is the money or any other thing which is given by the man to the woman when the marriage contract is completed. This is the right of a wife over her husband and a man is obliged to pay to the woman.

“And give to the woman (whom you marry) their Mahr with a good heart” [An-Nisaa 4:4].

(B) Housing: A husband should prepare a home or accommodation for his wife according to his means and ability which is the right of a woman.

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(C) Expenditure: In Islam, it is obligatory for a husband to spend on his wife, on a condition when the wife makes herself available for her husband. Spending on wife means to fulfill wife’s needs, food, house, and clothing.

“Let the rich man spend according to his means, and a man whose resources are restricted let him according to his means” [Al-Talaaq 65:7].

2.Non-Financial Rights:

(A) Kind Behavior: A husband must be kind and loving towards her wife. He must do everything which softens her heart toward him. The husband should have a good attitude towards his wife.

(B) Not Harming Her: Not harming her doesn’t only mean harming her physically, but the husband should make sure that she is not harmed psychologically. Complaining about her in front of family members, comparing her to any other woman, letting people know her secrets and weaknesses need to be avoided by the husband.

(C) Satisfy Her Physically: A woman has right over her husband and she needs to be satisfied in every manner as she gets satisfied, she will surely make it more pleasurable for him.

(D) Fair Treatment for the Co-wives: If a man has more than one wife, the co-wives must be treated equally with regards to spending, food, nights spent with them.

What are the rights of a husband over his wife in Islam? What a wife should do for her husband in Islam?

1.Obedience: A man is made Qawaam (protector and maintainer) of the woman by commanding, taking care of her, and directing. So, he has to be obeyed and respected by his wife. A righteous woman obeys Allah and her husband.

2.Available for husband: A woman must be available for her husband. He should be able to enjoy her physically. If a wife refuses her husband’s request for intercourse, she has done something haram and he went to sleep angry with her the angel curses her all night.

3.Respect and honor: Husband is made the head of the family and wife the co-head as a woman is weaker than the man in physical power as well as mentally. So the wife needs to respect her husband and doesn’t complain about him in front of any third person.

4.Husband’s permission: A wife cannot go out of the house without her husband’s permission.

5.Serving husband: Serving husband denotes that a wife must serve food, make food, make the bed, look after the children, save his wealth, and so on.

Some Questions.(Islamic Nikah)

Q.Does husband have any rights on wife’s property?

Ans:- NO

Q. Can I kiss my wife private parts in Islam?

Ans:- Many scholars believe that oral sex is permissible, although it is disliked and advised not to indulge in such acts. Oral-genital contact is considered permitted by scholars since there is no specific instruction in Hadith or the Quran forbidding it. read more.

Q. Can I breastfeed my husband in Islam?

Ans:- NO


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