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100 Most Beautiful Muslim Baby Girl Names With Meaning


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Babies are the coolness of our eyes and the most beautiful blessing for their parents. Now that you have welcomed your baby girl, you must be thinking of the best, a beautiful and suitable name for her. So, here are some shortlisted Muslim baby girl names for your precious one.

100 Most Beautiful Muslim Baby Girl Names

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List of 100 Muslim Baby Girl Names With Meaning

AmiraPrincess, high born girl
AleenaSoft, delicate
AnadiaSomething that is delicate, moist, tender
AnsharahWhen the heart becomes open, relief, relaxation
AqsaFarthest, utmost or the pinnacle
AroofaKnowledgeable, patient and wise woman
ArubiyyahOne who is fluent and eloquent
AteefahOne who is affectionate
AtoobahWho is soft and gentle
AairaOne who is worthy of respect
AaqilaWise, intelligent
AasimaDefender and protector
AabidaA worshipper
AbrooThe dignity of a person or prestige
AdeebaCultured, polite
AfsanaFiction, fable, romance
AlayaHigh status, exalted
AleenaSilk of heaven
AlishbaPretty, beautiful
AmaalExpectations and hope
AreebaBrilliant, sharp and smart
AzrahSupport, protection or help
BadeeahOne who is innovative, smart and creative
BadriyahFull-moon like
BatoolVirgin, extremely untouched
DaniyaKind hearted
DaniyahClose, nearer
DilkashCaptivating and attractive
ElhaamRevelation, inspiration
ErumIt means heaven
FaaizaVictorious, successful
FaarihaA joyful and cheerful girl
FakhiraExcellent, glorious
FakhirahSplendid, elegant
FalaqBreak of dawn
FaraalName of lion, height
FarashahOne who is like a butterfly
FarzeenA queen who rules
FatemahA chaste woman
FirdausParadise heaven
GulnarOne who is soft like a flower, sensitive
GhaniaA beautiful girl, beautiful
GhazalaBeloved, delicate young person, a young deer
GauharA precious stone
Gul panraFlower petal
GulmiraFlower princess
HadiyahGuide to righteousness
HamnahA female narrator of hadith
HanifaTrue, one of true faith
HareemThe walls of the house of Kaaba
HumaLucky bird, a bird of paradise
IlmaKnowledge and intelligence
IbratWisdom to learn from experience
InaamAn act of kindness, benefaction
InayaConcern, solicitude
JavariaA little, small girl
JumanaA pearl, silver pearl
KashifaRevealer of secrets
KhanamPrincess, noble woman
LabeeqaIntelligent, active, adorned
MuhaiminA protector
MahnoorGlow of moon
MadhatWords of appreciation, praise
Mah jabeenBrow like the moon
ManahilSpring, pool, foundation
ManhaGift of God
MinaalTo reach your destination
MyshaHappy for entire life
NabaGreat news
NuhaIntelligence, mind, intellect
NuriaLight, luminous
NuralainBrightness, light, radiance
ObaidaFemale servant of lower rank
ParveenCluster of small stars, brilliant group of persons or things
Qurat-ul-aynCooling, delight of the eye
QariyaReciter (of the holy Quran)
RafaHappiness, prosperity
RameeshaA bunch of roses
RumaisaBunch of flowers
RubaHills, height
SabuhiMorning star
SabeenCool breeze of the morning
TehzeebCivilization, etiquette
TaahiraPure, chaste, clean
UmaizaBright, beautiful and soft hearted
YumnaGood fortune, success
YusraState of ease, easy



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