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US First Female Muslim Judge Found Dead


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Sheila Abdus-Salaam, African American US first female Muslim judge found dead in the river near Manhattan.

US First Female Muslim Judge Found Dead
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  • Abdus-Salaam was the first female Muslim judge in the US.
  • She was found dead in a river near Manhattan.
  • In 2017 Her body was floating off Manhattan’s west side

Who was Abdus Salaam?

Abdus Salaam was 65 years old and was an African American judge.  she became the first Muslim Judge in the US and was found dead in the Hudson River.

In 2017 Her body was floating off Manhattan’s west side, reported by the police. When police pulled her body she was declared dead. Salaam’s Family has identified her and the body was sent for an autopsy.

In the year 2013 Democratic governor Mario Cuomo was the one who named Abdus Salaam to the state’s highest court. According to the Princeton Encyclopedia, She was declared as the first female Muslim judge of the US.

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Where did she graduate from?

She was a graduate from Barnard College, and Columbia law school. She started her career as a New York state assistant attorney general. In 1991 when she was elected for judgeship she held many judicial posts.

As per the reports Salaam was reported to be missing from her New York home and many attempts to reach her family were made but it was not successful.

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This is what the police reported.

Police stated that the death of Abdus Salaam appeared as if she committed suicide as she was facing depression. However, the police reported that the death is suspicious due to lack of witnesses.

An autopsy was conducted, bruises were found on her neck as if someone has chocked her or could be due to the body being recovered from the river, as per the report’s water was found in her lungs. 

According to Police, they found a video where Salaam was wearing the same clothes which she was wearing when she was found dead, she was walking around the Hudson River for Hours, Police said that the camera captured her last image where she was standing near the water.

On May 3, 2017, The New York police department declared that Abdus committed suicide and the reason for her death was because of drowning.


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