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List of 6 Football Players Who Embraced Islam


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Check out the list of 6 Football players who embraced Islam.

List of 6 Football Players Who Embraced Islam


  • Togolese football star Emmanuel Adebayor embraced Islam.
  • Franck Ribery said that his wife Wahiba Belhami was the reason for his conversion.
  • Ribery changed his name to Bilal after taking shahada. 

Here is the list of 6 Football players who Embraced Islam

1. Emmanuel Adebayor

Here is the list of 6 Football players who Embraced Islam
Wikipedia / Roger Gorączniak

Togolese football player Emmanuel Adebayor embraced Islam, After many months of his conversion, Emmanuel said that the similarities between both the religions made him convert. He said that Jesus taught that “there is Only One God and Only one god should be worshipped” and the same is taught to Muslims in the Holy Quran that only one God( ALLAH) should be worshipped.

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2. Franck Ribery

List of 6 Football Players Who Embraced Islam
Wikipedia / Sven Mandel

Franck Ribery and Eric Abidal are considered as the famous football players who converted to Islam. In 2002 Ribery took shahada that there is no God but Allah and Prophet are the messenger of Allah. Ribery said that his wife Wahiba Belhami was the main reason that he converted to Islam.

3. Eric Abida


Eric Abidal also converted from Catholicism to Islam. He converted to Islam being influenced by women of Algerian origin, who is now his wife named Hayat Abidal.

4. Nicolas Anelka

Wikipedia / Amarhgil

Another football player named Nicolas Anelka is believed to have converted and hidden his beliefs and keeps his religious beliefs private. He converted to Islam when he was six years old but announced about it in the year 2004 in UAE and after his conversion, he was named Abdul Salam Bilal.

5. Thierry Henry

Wikipedia / Warrenfish

 French football player Thierry Henry converted to Islam in 2008, he announced his conversion on Aljazeera sports Channel, he told that his Muslim friends Franck Ribery and Eric Abidal helped him to convert to Islam.

6. Robin Van Persie

Wikipedia / Елена Рыбакова

Dutch football player Robin Van Persie plays for Netherlands National Football Team and Manchester United. A lot of people believe that Robin Van Persie has converted to Islam after he met Bouchra Van Persie who belongs to Moroccan origin, yet he has never talked about his religion and reports say that he is a non-practicing Muslim.



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