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70-Year-Old Mother Inspired By Daughter Converts To Islam.


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Greta who is 70 years old converted to Islam a few years ago after being inspired by her daughter. She questioned why nobody has informed her about Islam. She belongs to a Catholic family and she Converted to Islam.

mother inspired by daughter
  • Greta who belongs to the Catholic religion has converted to Islam.
  • She was inspired by her daughter and Questioned why she never got to know about the religion Islam.
  • She is happy that she found the truth at this age.

Mother Inspired By Daughter Converts To Islam at 70.

Greta who belongs to a Roman Catholic family has converted to Islam. She was deeply inspired by her daughter and finally converted to Islam.

She is 70 years of age and regrets that she didn’t get to know about Islam earlier. She shared her story of conversion.

Greta said that she always went to church and followed her religion seriously. Her parents got Angry when she married a Lutheran Guy.  She used to go to different churches and see their way of prayer.

But she was not able to find what she was looking for. She said that she lost her husband yet she is still searching for the truth.

Greta’s children went abroad. She always had the desire to know the truth and wanted to know how to worship God as a person should worship god in a true manner.

The moment which changed her life was when her daughter visited her from Egypt. When Greta saw her daughter she was wearing a headscarf.

She didn’t question her about the headscarf but saw her offering Namaz which is a Muslim prayer. She was impressed by the way her daughter offered her prayer.

Greta asked her daughter if she is still following Christianity but Her daughter said that she is not following Christianity. The daughter then brought the Quran, the Bible, and a notebook and Explained Greta Everything.

She told Greta about Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and Jesus Christ. Greta thought that it was God who has sent her daughter to guide her and show her the truth. She then questioned why she didn’t get to know about Islam until now.

Greta decided to convert to Islam after her daughter explained her about the religion. She has the regret that why she didn’t get to know about Islam earlier. But she believes that it was a plan of God to guide her to the truth and the true religion Islam.


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