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List of 13 Muslim Inventions That Changed The World.


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Muslim inventions have molded the Modern World are those inventions without which we can’t imagine our life. Many of these invitations have been forgotten by people. Many such inventions from Muslims were Cup of coffee, first University, toothbrush, etc.

List of 13 Muslim Inventions That Changed The World.
  • The Modern World has been shaped by the inventions which were done by Muslims since Centuries.
  • Many people are still unaware of inventions that took place in the Medieval Islamic World.
  • The Muslim inventions began since the Seventh Century and particularly during the Islamic Golden Age.

Muslim Inventions during the Medieval Islamic World Moulded the Modern World.

The Inventions during the Medieval Islamic world first took place during Ottoman and Mughal Empires. The development in the field of science began when House of Wisdom in Baghdad was established by the Abbasid Caliph Harun Al Rashid.

Since then innovations and inventions began by using the information from Persia, Egypt, India, and China. The list of Inventions which took place during the Medieval period are Mentioned below:


Ghazal was first originated in the 7th century which is a poem or an ode and became famous in the 12th century. Islamic poetry became famous due to the Influence of Sufi Mystics. Ghazal is now mostly used in the Indian Subcontinent and Turkey. Ghazal expresses the pain of loss as well as the beauty of love.

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Jabir Ibn Hayyan is known as the Father of Chemistry. He is the author of works done by him in Arabic called Jabirian Corpus. He has worked a lot on chemical substances.

  • He discovered Astrolabe which was introduced along with the Angular scale.
  • Damascus steel blades were also invented in eight century.
  • Hydrochloric Acid was also discovered by Jabir during the 8th century.
  • The Acid-Base theory was also discovered by Jabir.

Other inventions during the 8th century were Panemone Windmill which is a Persian invention, Many scholars founded paper mill in Baghdad.


Algebra which is the study of Mathematical Symbols was first introduced by Al Khwarizmi who is known as the father of Algebra and a Persian Polymath. He was the head of the library in Baghdad. He was also known as Grandfather of Computers as he was the first to introduce Algorithm.


Abu Jafar, Muhammad Ibn Musa Ibn Shakir, Al Hasan Ibn Musa Ibn Shakir are known as Banu Musa brothers who are Persian scholars. The famous book Ingenious Devices on Automata and Mechanical devices was written by them.

  • Banu Musa brothers were the first to know the Use of Control Valve.
  • Double seat Valve was also introduced by them.
  • The programmable machine and automatic flute player was invented by the brothers.
  • Variable structure control and Throttling Valve was also introduced by Banu Musa brothers.


wikimedia / Wellcome Images

Muhammad Ibn Zakariya Al Razi was the one who gave the recipes for making soaps. He even knew the recipe for Glycerine by using olive oil. Now soaps are produced using the same recipe from Syria.

  • Muhammad Ibn Zakariya was also a philosopher, Physician, Polymath.
  • He has discovered Ethanol.
  • Nitric acid and aqua Regia was first used by Zakariya.
  • His handbooks mentioned how crude oil was distilled.
  • He was the first to produce sulfuric acid.

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Hasan Ibn Al Haytham the famous Arab mathematician was the first who used Decimal fractions, Law of Cotangents, Wilson’s theorem. He also practiced the Experimental Scientific Method. He is also known as the Father of Modern optics.

  • Magnifying glass and the convex lens were first introduced in his book of optics.
  • Pinhole Camera was also introduced by Ibn Al Haytham.


Ernest Board / Public domain

Abu Al Qasim Khalaf Ibn Al-Abbas Al Zahrawi Al Ansari is known as the father of Surgery. He was the first who suggested that Hemophilia is an inherited disease. He was the first to do Migraine Surgery.

  • Lithotrite which is a medical device that crushed the stone inside the bladder was invented by him.
  • He was the first to use Inhalation Anesthesia in the 9th century by soaking the sponge in Narcotic drugs and then keeping it on a person’s face.
  • He was the first to describe the treatment of wart which usually appears on the bottom of the feet.
  • The treatment of Hydrocephalus was first introduced by Al Zahrawi which is a fluid that occurs within the brain.


Yemen was the first place where coffee was first brewed in the 9th century. Coffee was used by Sufis so that they can keep themselves awake for a longer period of time and which helped them in their devotion. Coffee became famous when it was brought to Cairo from there it reaches Turkey.

The boiling of coffee beans began in Europe.


The toothbrush was first used by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) in the form of Meswak which is extracted from tree. The toothbrush cleaned the teeth. Similarly, many kinds of toothpaste now includes similar elements same as Meswak.


Ahmad Ibn Tulun was the first to start Medical Center. He was the founder of the Tulunid Dynasty. He provided free services to people who came to the hospital. The hospital was named after his name. The hospital was built in Cairo in the year 872. It was the first hospital that included nurses and other staff for helping people.


Jamshid was the first who invented Music in Iran. Lute, Rahab, Violin was first used in Middle East.

  • Griot was first originated from the Islamic Empire and was first used by Balla Fasseke.
  • Sitar was invented by Amir Khusrow who is the famous Sufi Inventor and poet.
  • The first drum machine was invented by Al Jazari in 1206.

It is said that the Modern musical scales are derived from the Arabic alphabets.

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The first University was founded in Morocco by Fatima Al Firhi who was a princess in the year 859. There was a mosque close to the university named Al Qarawiyyin Mosque which was founded by Fatima’s sister Miriam. Later the mosque and the university became a complex. The complex is still opened for people there and Al Firhi sisters became an inspiration for women as they were the first to promote education both through the University and Mosque.


The first flying machine was designed in the 9th century by Abbas Ibn Firnas. He first designed a Winged Apparatus and later constructed a flying machine. After designing the machine he flew upwards and then he began to fall down and broke his back. Leonardo Da Vinci later developed Helicopter, parachute, and Flying Machine.

  • The classical oriental carpet was first made during the Safavid Dynasty.
  • Hookah was first invented by Irfan Shaikh.
  • Metal Cylinder rocket was used by Akbar during the war.
  • Roller mill was used in the 17th century by the Mughal Empire.

These are the list of few inventions which were done by Muslims during the Medieval Islamic period and which shaped the Modern World. The efforts of the Muslim Inventors have been remarkable in science and technology.

Many people are unaware of the inventions of Muslims around the world. People should spread about the various inventions done by Muslims So that they are remembered for their efforts and Excellence.

The inventions began from the 7th century and became part of the Modern World. Many inventions are still in existence as the technique used by them are irreplaceable and helps people to know more about their origin.



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