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Dubai hospital, waived off Rs. 1.52 Crore, Hospital bill of Indian COVID-19 patient.


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COVID-19 patient who is from Hyderabad, Telangana, India has been working in UAE and the Dubai hospital has waived off his bill of 1.52 Crore on Humanitarian grounds.

Dubai hospital, waived off Rs. 1.52 Crore, Hospital bill of Indian COVID-19 patient.
  • Dubai Hospital has waived off the bill of Rs.1.52 Crore.
  • The Coronavirus patient belonged to India.
  • Rajesh used to work in Dubai and will be returning to India soon.

Dubai hospital has waived off the Hospital bill of COVID-19 patient.

Dubai Hospital has decided to waive off the bill of Coronavirus patient. Odnala Rajesh who worked in Dubai and a construction worker has been suffering from fever and cough. He was then tested and had Coronavirus. He was in the hospital for about 80 days and then he was recovered.

He was discharged on Monday. His hospital bill was 7,62,555 Dirhams which is Rs. 1.52 Crore and Rajesh couldn’t pay the amount. An NRI named Gundelli Narasimha came to help Rajesh when the hospital gave him the bill.

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Narsimha is a president of Gulf Workers protection society in Dubai and he discussed this matter with Samanth Reddy who is the Indian Consulate in Dubai.

Harjeet Singh who is the Indian Consulate in Dubai was requested by the Workers to help Rajesh. He then wrote a letter to the hospital where Rajesh was treated. Singh requested the hospital to waive off Rajesh’s bill and the hospital decided to waive off his bill on humanitarian ground.

Ashok Kotecha who is a social worker has helped Rajesh by providing free flight tickets and even gave 10,000 for expenses. Rajesh reached Hyderabad this Wednesday.

Rajesh has been sent to his village. His family came to take him to the airport. He will be quarantined for 14 days in his house and has received permission for the same.

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The Dubai hospital has set an example for others. During this crisis it is utmost important to understand each other and humanity comes first has been clearly seen through this example.

Rajesh has two children and his wife works as an agricultural laborer. His daughter is pursuing her degree and her son is in intermediate. They were thankful to the Dubai hospital for taking care of Rajesh and helping him fight against the virus and for waiving off the bill.

With this Dubai has set a remarkable example during such a crisis and showed the world that In difficult situations all that matters is the life of a person and not the money.


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