HomeNewsMaharashtra, Muslim leaders ask govt to intervene for Bakrieid 1st August.

Maharashtra, Muslim leaders ask govt to intervene for Bakrieid 1st August.


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The Muslim leaders in Maharashtra have asked government to take decisions regarding BakriEid which will be going to commence on 1st August.

Maharashtra, Muslim leaders ask govt to intervene for Bakrieid 1st August.
  • Muslim leaders are concerned over the upcoming festival Bakrieid.
  • They are seeking help from the government to declare the necessary arrangements.
  • The festival with social distancing is being planned.

Muslim leaders in Maharashtra want the government to take necessary decisions for Bakrieid.

Muslim leaders in Maharashtra concern over the necessary preparations which the government will be arranging for Bakrieid 2020. Earlier during the Ganesh Utsav celebrations, the Government of Maharashtra has set necessary guidelines while celebrating Ganesh Utsav.

The Muslim leaders are expecting the same during BakriEid 2020. The leaders won the government to announce the necessary arrangements which the government has planned for BakriEid which will be held on 1st August.

The leaders like ok Nawab Malik, Amin Patel, Abu Asim Azim, Rais Shaikh, and many others as discussed the festival and how social distancing can be maintained during the festival.

Former minister Arif Naseem Khan has said that the government should take necessary decisions for BakriEid too and should issue the procedure for sales of the cattle as well as the slaughtering process and he said that he has written to Chief Minister about this.

Guardian Minister Aslam Shaikh said that the necessary instructions will be that there will be two to three Mandis within every 24 Wards And children will not be allowed to come to the market.

The goat sellers will be wearing PPE kits And only one person from the family is instructed to come out to buy the animal without touching the animal.

Another procedure is being discussed where the coupon system will be organized so that 10 to 15 people will visit the goat seller after taking an appointment.

The decision regarding how the goods will be carried from one state to another is yet to be made. The goat sellers will be court and time who are coming from other states.

Due to rain, the government is requested to provide sheds so that the Goats do not fall sick. It is also suggested that people can donate money to Jamiat ur Rashad so that the goats will be sacrificed and the meat will be sent to needy people.

There is no confirmation about the necessary guidelines to be followed by the government. The Muslim leaders are waiting for the government to release the necessary guidelines and precautions to be taken for maintaining social distancing.


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