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With No Food or Government Help, Group of laborers in Bhiwandi Maharashtra Fear the Worst.


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  • 6 lakh workers in difficulty and no where to go.
  • They are migrants who make Cloths.
  • As there is lockdown there no food availability.
With No Food or Government Help, Group of laborers in Bhiwandi Maharashtra Fear the Worst.
Thewire / Sukanya Shantha

More than six lakh workers are facing difficult situation due to lock down as there is no food and help from the government.

In Bhiwandi, Maharashtra migrants who are cloth makers in textile towns have no other place to go due to Lockdown.

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People are desperate and asked questions to a person who walks into lanes. They ask him about food availability and about arranging food.

The workers are worried about themselves and the family members as there is less food.

When Lockdown was declared for 21 days daily wage earners and migrants face the worst situation as they cannot go back to their place and cannot move out to buy anything and if there is any food supply they cannot buy it as they are not earning any money.

Mohammed Sajjad Ansari who is a worker said that they are following the rules and regulations but there is no food availability and no arrangements. He said that they might die of hunger.

Ansari and Six other workers along with him stay in one room with no food and money. There is a total of 6 lakh workers who operate 15 lakh looms and make cloths.

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The migrants and workers thought that this situation will end in two weeks and there will be food provided to them.  The Railway Station has stopped transportation service.

Mahesh is a worker who says that if anything happens to anyone then only the government will be responsible.

Most labors are worried that they are not able to send money to their family as their family is dependent on their earnings. They said that they are surviving on rotis (chapatis) and water.


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