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Indian Police: If You Don’t Follow The Lockdown You’ll Be Punished.


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Indian Police: If You Don't Follow The Lockdown You'll Be Punished.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared on Wednesday that India will be Lockdown for 21 days.
  • Police in each state is taking strict action against those who do not follow the orders.
  • India reported more than 500 cases of Coronavirus.

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi declared on Tuesday that it will be a Lockdown for 21 days. The entire nation was informed that they need to stay in their homes and together can stop the spread of Coronavirus.

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Police in each state of India have been seen taking strict action against those who come out of their houses and those who are not following the rules.

Videos went viral where the police were seen beating people with rattan canes. India has reported more than 500 cases of Coronavirus and 9 people have been dead.

The entire nation has been Lockdown to avoid the spread of this virus as people will be in their homes and there won’t be any gathering.

Indian police officers were seen making people sit inside the white circles on the ground drawn from chalk as these people were seen violating the rules.

Along with this temperature of passengers is being checked to ensure that they do not have any fever. Punjab police punished people who were out of their houses by making them do exercise. The places of worship, offices, factories have been closed in India.

Commercial airlines have been shut down after banning on international flights.  Nepal closed all the borders crossing India and China as Nepal reported the second case of Coronavirus.

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People from Himalayan regions are who are Nepali migrants who are going back to Nepal as they think that Nepal is a safe country. 

Many people in India who are daily wage earners are finding it difficult as they are not able to earn anything due to the Lockdown. It is said that other countries can survive the Lockdown as they have facilities and money but India has poor people and daily wage earners and it will be difficult for them.

However, the Government has said that they will provide all the facilities which are necessary for the poor and laborers.


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