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Man Who Licked Toilet Seat In Coronavirus Challenge Is Now Tested Positive For The Same.


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Man Who Licked Toilet Seat In Coronavirus Challenge Is Now Tested Positive For The Same.
  • TikTok influencer says that he has been tested positive for Coronavirus.
  • He shared a video of him licking the toilet seat.
  • He has now quarantined himself.

TikTok Influence from California posted a video of him licking the toilet as a part of the TikTok challenge says that he has Coronavirus.

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The 21-year-old Influencer is Larz who previously posted a video of him licking ice-cream tubs in Supermarket.

This video which was posted by Larz where he was seen licking the toilet seat was an imitation of Ava Louise who posted a video where she is seen licking toilet seat in a plane and called it a Coronavirus challenge and Larz did the same.

Many called it Karma for the foul video posted by him. Good Morning Britain Host Morgan said that what Larz did is the reckless and selfless manner and Karma will hit him. In a show, Larz said that he does not talk to his family as they do not have any followers And is proud that he has a lot of money. 

Another incident where a 26-year-old was arrested for licking toiletry products at Walmart. The number of cases in the US has been 55,000 and 709 people are dead. 

Justin Rhodes said in a video that he will infect other people in the store who have been arrested. Rhodes was charged $10,000 for making such a video.

In Virginia, two teens were seen coughing on produce in a store. The video went viral on social media and police removed the product and made sure that people are safe there.

Schools in the US have been closed and social gathering is not allowed. The virus which hit China has now spread to other countries.

Many people are posting #CoronavirusChallenge and trying to put other’s lives in danger for views. Such acts need to be stopped to claim the people across social media.


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