Britain Muslim Community Activist Has Died Of The Coronavirus on March 21.

  • Fuad Nahdi died because he was infected by the coronavirus.
  • He was an influential voice in Britain.
  • He was a journalist and activist in Britain.
Britain Muslim Community Activist Has Died Of The Coronavirus on March 21.

 On March 21st British journalist and activist, Fuad Nahdi died due to coronavirus. He published a magazine that focused on Muslims. He was the main voice behind Britain Muslims.

Nahdi was suffering from other health issues like diabetes and cancer and fell ill as reported by his son Nadir Nahdi. He stayed with his family in Wembley, Northwest, London.

As he was ill he was taken to the hospital and after one and a half-day he died. But he was tested for Coronavirus which was positive.

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He played an important role in shaping Muslim identity in Britain. A friend of Nahdi said that he was strong support for Muslims internationally and was powerful support for Muslims in  Britain’s community. Nahdi followed Sunni Islam and was strongly committed to it.

He had a true sense of justice and spirituality. Nahdi was from Tanzania and studied from the University of Nairobi.  He came to the UK in 1983 and married Humera Khan in 1989. He is a founder of An-Nisa society.

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He even founded Q- News and in the magazine, he focused on Muslims.  His son said that his dad was always trying to uplift others. Nahdi worked towards changing people’s perception of Islam and worked to influence policymakers in 2005.

He launched a radical middle way to discuss Islam. He was regarded as the soul of the party.

His funeral was live-streamed so that people will be able to see him virtually.  It was live-streamed on zoom and Facebook on Thursday night. He tried to bring positive change in society and spoke to support Muslims and tried to help many Muslims.


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