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Coronavirus: Iranian Doctor Shirin Rouhani Rad Died Saving Coronavirus Patients.


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Coronavirus: Iranian Doctor Shirin Rouhani Rad Died Saving Coronavirus Patients.
  • Iranian doctor Shirin Rouhani Rad died saving people from Coronavirus.
  • She sacrificed her life to save others.
  • She was on IV and was treating people due to a lack of staff.

Shirin Rouhani Rad who is an Iranian Doctor died while she was trying to save people from Coronavirus. She herself was on IV while treating people.

A photo of her went viral on social media where she was on IV and was doing her duty alongside all the dedication and courage. 

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Shirin was from Pakdasht a city in Iran. She was serving in Shohada Hospital as a physician and Practitioner. Many doctors are getting affected by Coronavirus but they are not giving up on their patients as they know that they can help others and their lives can be saved.

Many doctors are working for 36 hours Continuously and there face has marked which are due to the mask which they have been wearing for hours.

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In Islam, the person who dies as a Martyr has the greatest honor and his sins will be forgiven by Allah. Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) (P.B.U.H) said that “He who asks Allah for Martyrdom,  Allah will raise him to the high status of the martyrs, even if he dies on his bed”.

As Medical staff and doctors all over the world are trying to fight with the virus and save the people, they are putting their lives in danger and helping their patients who come to them with all the hope.

Shirin who herself was ill knew that health condition will not allow her to do her duty but she forgot about it and continued to serve people till the last breath in order to help those who are in need as there were less medical staff and people needed her and she was there for them.


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