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Richard McKinney Wanted To Blow Mosques, But Instead, He Embraced Islam And He Even Preaches Islam.


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Richard McKinney Wanted To Blow Mosques, But Instead, He Embraced Islam And He Even Preaches Islam.
  • Richard wanted to blow Mosque in Indiana.
  • He says that his whole life is guilt.
  • He then converted to Islam as he got Inspired by religion.

Richard McKinney who is from Muncie, Indiana is a retired Marine Sergeant. Richard used to hate Islam and also wanted to blow the Mosque which was in his hometown in Indiana.

He then shared his thoughts with his wife who was shocked. FBI investigated him but he was never charged. He hated Islam so much that he thought to blow the Mosque and that will good for his country.

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When his daughter shared with him a story from her school about women and her son who were Muslims, Richard got Angry and said that he does not want her daughter to be around those people and his daughter gave him a look which questioned his statement.

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It is said that children follow what parents usually do and think in the same way as they do. 

McKinney wanted to end the hatred that he had been holding for years and he went to the local Islamic Center.

He was feeling awkward there as he was the only Non-Muslim in the mosque. When he spent more time in the mosque he got answers to his questions and he thought to take Shahada and converted to Islam.

After he became Muslim he was declared as the president of the Ball States Muslim Student Association. He became the president of the Islamic Center. 

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Saleem Abufares who is the current president of MSA said that Richard Is a very inspiring person and he often shares his story with other students and inspires others.

Richard shares how two verses of the Quran inspired him,  one was “To kill a Human being is to kill all humanity”. It means if one person is killed it means the entire race is killed or wiped out and if one person is saved, all humanity is saved.

Richard did not share his story with his friends at the Islamic Center for six months, he then later revealed to them. He said that it is a fashion to hate others and people should overcome that ignorance.


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