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Robbie Maestracci Ex-Criminal and Drug Addict Convert to Islam.


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Robbie Maestracci Ex-Criminal and Drug Addict Convert to Islam.
Google / SBS
  • Robbie Maestracci Says that Islam saved him.
  • He shared his story about how Islam helped him to find the right path.
  • He now works in community outreach, helping people who need help. 

Robbie Maestracci was born in Brisbane, Australia. He shares his story with SBS, When he was seven he shifted to America with his family.

They lived in New York and followed the Catholic religion. When he was grown up he didn’t pray or visited the church.

Robbie came back to Australia when he was 16 years old. When Robbie was in New York he was on the wrong path and his mother wanted him to be out if it so she decided to return back to Australia.

He said that he dropped out of school as the system was different compared to what he experienced in New York.

When he was 22 years old he got married but his marriage ended as he was using drugs. After his marriage ended his condition became worse he indulged himself in crime and drugs.

He was in prison for drug-related offenses. He said that when he was out of jail he decided to change his bad old habits and started going to church and helped people.

Robbie was not satisfied with Christianity and when he was facing a bad day he decided to meet someone. He had the number of a cab driver named Mohammed, he met him a few weeks back.

Robbie said to Mohammed that he wants to visit the mosque with him and said that he needed guidance and help.

Robbie felt peace when he visited the Mosque. That same night he converted to Islam. He said that after becoming Muslim he did not have the urge to use drugs.

He further said that since 5 years after converting to Islam his life completely changed. He was connected with the Quran and said that he believes in the Holy Books and Quran is the last book revealed by Allah.

Robbie’s mother converted to Islam. She supported him and followed the same. Robbie is presently working in community outreach where he helps people who need guidance and help.


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