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Syrian Refugee Who Was Kicked And Punched By Other Pupils, Received Morethan £140,000 Via GoFundMe Donations.


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Syrian Refugee Who Was Kicked And Punched By Other Pupils, Received Morethan £130,000 Via GoFundMe Donations.
  • A Syrian refugee was attacked at a school in the UK.
  • Video of him being attacked was shared on social media.
  • People donated more than £140,000 for the Syrian refugee who was attacked.

A 15-year-old Syrian boy was Racially assaulted at his school in Huddersfield, UK. A video of the attack was shared on social media where it can be seen that he was dragged to the ground by another boy.

Syrian refugee boy assaulted.

The attacker says that he will drown the Syrian boy while forcing water in his mouth. It was seen that after the attacker forced him the Syrian boy was able to free himself and walked away from him.

Mohammed Tahir helped the Syrian boy Jamal by setting up the GoFundMe page for him after he has seen the video where Jamal was assaulted.

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To his surprise, many people donated to provide funds for the Syrian boy. Tahir wanted to help Jamal’s family and says that he stands against bullying and says that we are united.

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As per the sources, the younger sister of Syrian boy Jamal was also bullied. The attacker was identified by people, he is identified as a 16-year-old boy.

Later his sister was also assaulted.

The family members said that after the boy was identified in facebook people have been giving them death threats online. The boy is further interviewed about the attack and the incident which took place.

West Yorkshire Police said that investigation of assault on a 15-year-old boy at Almondbury community school is being carried out.

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The council further said that such violence will not be tolerated. The school has taken action against the incident.  More than £140,000 has been donated to support the Syrian boy and help his family.

People on social media expressed that such an incident must not have happened and came forward to donate.


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