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Coronavirus: Prayers Suspended In Mosques In Australia Including Friday Salah.


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Coronavirus: Prayers Suspended In Mosques In Australia Including Friday Salah.
  • Friday prayers all across the country were suspended.
  • Most of the countries have suspended prayers in mosque and church visits.
  • These measures are taken to control the spread of Coronavirus.

Friday prayers in Australia has been suspended as declared by the Australian National Imams Council. The prayers are suspended to avoid gatherings.

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As per the statement given by the council, it urges people to pray at their homes instead of coming to the Mosque. All the prayers in the places of worship have been suspended, where people are gathered which should be avoided during this period of Difficulty.

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The Australian Fatwa Council stated that people should avoid crowded areas and should follow the measures being taken. The church gathering has also been suspended. It is further stated that any service will be provided online.

The people of Australia have been advised not to leave the country, not to gather in groups. The government has banned Group with More than 100 people.

A total of 1,286 cases of Coronavirus have been declared in Australia and 7 people are reported as dead. Chief Medical officer Brendan Murphy says that school should be open. People should distance themselves from each other. There should not be handshaking and hugging.

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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that there is no evidence that if there is a lockdown for two weeks and then everything will be back to normal.  

Recently Dubai, Saudi Arabia has banned Friday prayers temporarily, as this is a way to avoid public gathering.

Many countries are seen following the same and Closing the mosques for people for two weeks until the conditions are stable. 81,000 people have been tested in Australia out of which 99.5 % of people have been declared negative and 1,286 as positive.

The Imam Council stated people to make dua and pray for forgiveness so that this suffering is removed by Allah (S.W.T).


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