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Coronavirus: Friday Prayer Temperoraly Suspended In Multiple Canada and the USA States.


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Coronavirus: Friday Prayer Temperoraly Suspended In Multiple Canada and the USA States.

Islamic organizations have taken several measures to avoid the spread of this virus and have ordered people not to go out.

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In Canada, the mosque has suspended the Friday prayers in order to avoid the group of people getting into contact with each other.

Large gatherings can be avoided if people stay at their homes and do their work from home and stop gathering together.

In Michigan, Muslims are informed that there will be prayers after two weeks and are suspended right now. The imam council has decided to cancel the Jummah prayers for two weeks and a post informing this has been posted on Facebook.

The prophet (S.A.W) said that “There is no harming nor reciprocating harm” and if anyone is experiencing and if anyone is experiencing any symptom of Coronavirus, it is not permissible to come to the Mosque.

The Muslim community in Southern California has urged people not to attend the Friday prayers as there is a risk.

A collective decision made by the Imam and the physician advised everyone to pray from home. The orange country public health care agency, LA has stated measures that everyone needs to follow.

In Dallas, the Friday prayers have been canceled too. As per the rule people, gathering and meeting have been prohibited, it has been tweeted that people need to follow the necessary measures and has hoped that May Allah allow us to come and gather together again.

All over the world people are worried due to the outbreak of this virus, more than 204,069 people have been infected and 8,246 people have been dead, as per the reports stated by WHO.


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