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Saudi Arabia Limits Friday Prayer To 15Minutes Fearing Coronavirus.


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Coronavirus, even the name gives goosebumps to some people. Several countries are under lockdown and many more are expected to close. Similarly, Saudi Arabia recently closed two Holy Mosques fearing the spread of COVID-19 and opened them after sanitizing.

Saudi Arabia Limits Friday Prayer To 15Minutes Freaing Coronavirus.
Two Holy Mosques Makkah and Madina.
  • Saudi Arabia decided to cut short the prayer due to Coronavirus.
  • These measures are taken temporarily in order to avoid the spread of  Coronavirus.
  • Along with this, there are other measures stated by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs.
  • The 2 Holy Mosques Of Saudi Arabia RE-OPENS For Pilgrims.

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Saudi Arabia has been taking measures in order to avoid the spread of Coronavirus. Recently the doors of the Mosque were closed and the Mosques were cleaned.

People are not allowed to enter the Mataf area.

People were not allowed to enter near the Mataf area in Masjid Al-Haram so that Coronavirus do not spread. Apart from this, The Ministry Of Islamic Affairs has taken further measures.

The prayer time at the Masjid Al Haram and other Mosques has been cut short to 15 minutes due to Coronavirus.

Two Holy Mosques.

The duration between the first call for prayer (Adhan) and the Iqamah which is the second call for prayer will be ten minutes in all the mosques including the two holy mosques of Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Abdullatif Al Sheikh, The Minister of Islamic Affairs said that the Quran Lessons will be stopped temporarily in every Mosque to avoid the crowd and to prevent the Coronavirus.

No Iitikaf or Iftar meal.

Apart from this, it has been ordered to stop the preparation of Iftar Meal as well as stop people to do Iitikaf, which people specially perform during the month of Ramadan.

The people are further stated that the place where all the people assemble for salah, at these places people should not remove the food and cups used for drinking water.

All these measures are taken by the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Islamic Affairs to protect the people and the pilgrims as Ramadan is going to start very soon.

The people need to take effective measures in order to protect themselves and protect the people around them and Saudi Arabia is doing the same by taking utmost care about the citizens as well as all the pilgrims.


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