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Ramadan Inspired Canadian Girl 22 Accept Islam.


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Islam is one of the fastest-growing religions around the world. It is reported more the 30,000 people convert to Islam in the USA every year.

Ramadan Inspired Canadian Girl 22 Accept Islam.
She wears her hijab and fasts during Ramadan after embracing Islam.
Photo by Satria SP on Unsplash

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22 Year old Canadian who is from Regina was a catholic before she converted to Islam. She was inspired by Ramadan and decided to convert.

She felt spiritually disconnected.

While she was Catholic she said that she felt a Spiritual disconnect which made her curious to explore other cultures. She said that she was not happy and faith is an important part of life.

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In 2010 she enrolled herself in religious studies course at the University of Regina and began studying the practices of Islam.

While at the University she met a lot of people who were Muslims, she said that she talked with them and they shared with her about their culture and she felt that it makes sense and developed an interest.

Her Hijab.

After she converted to Islam she started to wear Hijab. A Hijab is a Cloth that covers your hair and chest.

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She gradually began to change her lifestyle and said that being a convert, a person finds reason behind everything. She says that the reason behind this faith is, Islam makes life healthy and develops in you the behavior to care about others and help them.

Lacey fasted the whole month of Ramadan.

Lacey has been fasting in the month of Ramadan, where people eat food before the sun rises and fasts the whole day, and then breaks their fast after the sunsets.

People don’t even drink water during their fast. Lacey after her fast goes to her friends and family to take part in gatherings.

Even her friend embraced Islam.

Lacey’s friend Debra Schubert also converted to Islam in 2002. Schubert said that Ramadan is a way to purify our mind and spirit. She further says that Lacey is a fun-loving person, she is praying and wearing Hijab.


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