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Famous K-Pop and Youtuber Daud Kim Embraced Islam in 2019


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Daud Kim a famous K-pop singer and YouTuber took his shahada in 2019 and became a Muslim. Since then the content of his videos is somewhere always connected to Islam.

Famous K-Pop and Youtuber Daud Kim Embraced Islam in 2019
Daud Kim

Daud Kims Facebook Page

Jay Kim who is regarded as one of the most popular South Korean K-Pop star has recently converted to Islam.

Daud Kim taking his shahada.

He is a Youtuber and was posting videos related to Islam where he was seen curious to learn more about the religion Islam. Few of his videos were “Eid in Korea”, “Is music haram?”, “Halal food in Korea”.

For one year he has been posting videos on YouTube about everything related to Islam and how he was able to find Answers to his Questions.

A subscriber inspired by him took shahada.

Jay Kim changed his Name to “Daud Kim”, he selected this name because of his upbringing as catholic with the name David. Daud posted a video on YouTube where he shares with his mother about his decision about Conversion to the religion Islam.

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Kim’s mother was shocked by his decision but Kim explained her patiently and said that In spite of the hardship of being a Muslim in Korea things will work out InShAllah.

Daud Kim youtube.

At present Kim’s YouTube channel has 1.48 Million Subscribers, his conversion video has 3.2 Million views on his Video.

People from all around the world supported him and showed interest when he was finding more and more about Islam.

He now posts videos about Halal Food and so on.

He covered various topics like Halal food, Music, do Koreans help Muslims?, What Koreans think about the religion, Islam?. Daud Kim was a member of the Traxx team, he even acted in many Plays and series.

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Daud Kim shared a video on YouTube saying that after he started showing interest in Islam many things have changed, he said that he had previously sinned a lot and want to repent and stand in front of Allah.

He further stated that even though he is not a born Muslim but Allah has shown him the right path, he thanked Allah for guiding him towards the right religion and believed that Allah is the only god and Mohammed (P.B.U.H) is the messenger of Allah”.


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