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A Catholic American sister: I hated Muslims, but I am the one now.


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American Sister who followed the Catholic religion and who taught Catechism converted to Islam. She shared on social media about her conversion. She said that she used to hate Muslims and now she is a Muslim.

A Catholic American sister: I hated Muslims, but I am the one now.
  • American Sister who used to teach Catechism converted to Islam.
  • She used to hate Muslims And followed the Catholic religion strictly.
  • She shared her conversion story on social media and said that converting to Islam was the most beautiful thing ever.

American sister who taught Catechism converted to Islam.

A follower of the Catholic religion converted to Islam. The sister who converted used to teach Catechism. She used to be in church most of the time. She wanted to find answers to the questions she had about life.

She went to church but couldn’t find them. She then decided to know more about other religions. She studied different religions like Judaism, Hinduism, Jainism, and then she finally studied Islam. She accepted Islam in the year 2007.

She shared how converting to Islam was the best thing that ever happened to her but she faced a lot of difficulties too. She described how her family took her daughter away from her as they don’t follow Islam.

She even lost her jobs which made her financially weak as she was not able to pay her school fee. She then said that all these things can go away and may never be stable but religion is the one thing that remains with you and when difficulties arrive One should always approach god.

She shared how she had questions about Christianity and when the other person says that it is the way it is and you do not get answers to your questions, it becomes difficult as you call Jesus as the son of god and then calls Jesus as God, one needs to find answers to the questions. She even shared how she hated Muslims and wanted All the Muslims to die and she said that she was ignorant.

She further said that it is okay if you do not have a family, friends, jobs, and luxuries but if you have god you have everything. She said that she has a god. She said she should not worry about any worldly relation but the relation with God. She said if I maintain my relationship with God, I will see him in Jannah In Sha Allah.


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